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    English | DayZ Bloodrage #1 PVE&PVP Chernarus | Ruleset

    The set of rules is not final and can therefore be expanded or reduced as required!

    1. General rules

    1. It is not allowed to use gray areas in the rules and game mechanics for your own benefit.
    2. Bugs, glitches, CL, hacks and non-server tools / mods may not be used, even attempts will be severely punished!
    3. General netiquette applies to the entire server, insults and racism or the like are not tolerated.
    4. Stream sniping & voice sniping is prohibited and will be punished and punished.
    5. It is not allowed to send basic coordinates or similar metadata via ingame chat.
    6. A warning system is used; rule violations can range from a warning to a temporary ban or permanent exclusion from the community.
    7. It is not allowed to contact the server team via private message regarding tickets or questions without their consent.
    8. The server team reserves the right to make exceptions under various circumstances.
    9. The deliberate killing of players in the PVE zone is not allowed and will be punished!
      The following penalties can be enforced:
      - Fine (Money)
      - Character reset
      - Ban (temporary)

    2. Support

    Create a support ticket in the "dayz︙support" channel on Discord |

    1. All tickets that are about refunds require screenshots or videos.
    2. Tickets may not be opened, in order to ask questions about the rules, the community channels must be used.
    3. Support is generally only accepted via Discord. Refunds are subject to the burden of proof by screenshot / video.
      Refunds will only be made for an appropriately higher amount. There is the one-time possibility to reimburse something without evidence,
      but this is at the discretion of the supporter.
    4. From a number of players of 80+ there is no vehicle support!
    5. There is no support while other factions or foreign players are in the vicinity.
    6. Incorrectly filled out tickets will or can be closed without a reason!

    3. Vehicles

    1. Vehicles / helicopters that are parked unattended at the Trader's premises for more than 60 minutes will be removed automatically.
    2. Vehicles / helicopters have a lifetime of 24 hours to reset the vehicle must be parked in a garage.
      If this is not done, there is a risk of despawn.
    3. Unused vehicles / helicopters can despawn after 3 server periods (1 period = 1 restart / crash).

    4. Trader

    1. The traders are within a radius of 700 m absolute safe zone, fleeing into the safe zone, fighting and camping on the edge of the safe zone is prohibited. However, a death or a firefight is not the same as a trader camping.
    2. All other traders without a safe zone may be taken. (Blackmarket Bloodmaket etc.)
    3. It is forbidden to take advantage of errors in the trading system. Incorrect and / or badly balanced prices must be reported via the ticket.
    4. It is not allowed to steal items and / or car parts from traders parked vehicles.
    5. Trolling in the safe zone is not permitted, including: megaphones, ear rape, drifting, insulting players, theft, etc.
    6. The use of the border areas (such as: -tactical waiting- -zone escape- or similar) is prohibited.
    7. The Cherno- and Market Trader are absolute safe zones, regulation 4.1 also applies here and is regularly checked by the team.

    5. Basebuilding

    1. The server team reserves the right to remove irregular bases and abandoned bases.
      - Bases are automatically deleted (flagpole) if you don't hoist your flag regularly.
    2. Every group with 2 or more people is allowed to own a PVP Basis as well as a PVE Basis. Single players are only allowed to build one base. (Your group needs to be upgraded to at least level 6 to set two flagpoles.)
    3. No towers, elongated or floating bases may be built (logical construction method).
      - Slight deviations from the basic structure are allowed.
      Basic sizes:
      - PVP = 3x3x3
      - PVE = 2x2x1.5
    4. Building in basic structures is allowed.
      Building is not permitted in and on buildings with
      military loot as well as fire brigade, police, hospital and prison buildings.
    5. Roads, wells and cement mixers may not be built or used as a basis.
    6. Gates and doors must have a minimum distance of the entire length of the gate.
      Tents may not be placed one inside the other.
      - No
      gates/doors/hatches and other raidable structures may be built one after the other.
    7. Craftable storage such as wooden boxes etc. are prohibited!
    8. It is allowed to set up a maximum of 2 greenhouses per base, ignoring or looking for gray areas leads to the deletion of the base.
    9. A maximum number of "8 code locks" is permitted on doors/gates/hatches.
      - Objects that are placed (
      storage boxes, cabinets, lockers etc.) are not affected by this rule.

    6. Baseraid

    1. It is not allowed to log out in a foreign base.
    2. Bases may be captured and besieged. The complete destruction as well as destroying loot is forbidden.
      - No BBP structures may be dismantled in foreign bases.
      - Excessive dropping of loot will be penalized
    3. The raiding of bases must be reported in a "raid ticket" to avoid misunderstandings.
      dayz︙support | Raid ticket
    4. Entry is only permitted through doors/gates/hatches!
      - Exceptions are construction errors e.g. missing roof or missing walls, etc.

    7. Zones

    1. The map is divided into a PVP and PVE zone.
      - All actions against players in the PVE zone are prohibited.
      - Repeatedly intentionally killing in the PVE Zone can lead to a community ban.

      The following penalties can be enforced
      - Fine (money)
      - Character reset
      - Ban (temporary)
    2. Exploiting the border areas such as: tactical waiting, zone escape or similar is prohibited.
    3. The Cherno and Market Trader are absolute safe zones, regulation 4.1, 4.7 also applies here and is regularly checked by the team.
    4. Logging off after a bank robbery or ATM is only allowed after 10 minutes!
      - Repeated intentional logging out in the bank or after a robbery will be punished!
      The following penalties can be enforced
      - Fine (money)

    8. Missions (PVE)

    1. The first player who is claimed the vehicle that comes with a mission (e.g. a car accident) has full claims to it.
    2. Players sitting in a vehicle may not be fed out (e.g. human Steak or gasoline)
    3. Any damage to a vehicle and the stealing of the components are not allowed!
    4. Do not stolen any Stuff in the Cars Inventory!
    5. A complaint can only be made with video evidence.


    **Valid from: – Editing date of the post

    The set of rules can be changed or extended at any time by the server team. It is up to the community to preserve these values report rule violations and follow the guidelines. The server team is regularly checked for trustworthiness with the logs and support cases. We maintain a zero tolerance for admin abuse if there is any suspicion an owner can be contacted. It is our spare time that we make available to you please consider this before you open tickets or make criticism (stay objective).

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