1. Ashes of Creation

    This player owns (plays) Ashes of Creation!

    Awarded 2 times

  2. Black Desert Online

    This player owns (plays) Black Desert Online!

    Awarded 3 times

  3. Real person

    This person has verified the email address!

    Awarded 986 times

  4. Ex-team member

    This person used to be a member of the Bloodrage team (Supporter+)!

    Awarded 0 times

  5. DayZ

    This player owns (plays) DayZ!

    Awarded 0 times

  6. Valorant

    This player owns (plays) Valorant!

    Awarded 0 times

  7. German

    This user understands german!

    Awarded 401 times

  8. English

    This user understands English!

    Awarded 587 times

  9. Streamer

    This person is a streamer!

    Awarded 16 times

  10. Donator

    This person hat spend for the community.

    Awarded 44 times